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Buying property abroad

For many, a home abroad is a lifelong dream and it is fortunately one of the dreams that can become reality. The housing market, particularly within Europe, has become more international, and in popular countries like Spain, France and Bulgaria, thousands of people have bought holiday or permanent homes in the last 10-20 years.

In many ways buying a home abroad is not that different from buying a holiday apartment or permanent home in Denmark, and the basic things you should consider are the same: your needs, the location you desire and the relevant price range.

But of course there are differences and things which require consideration when it comes to buying property abroad, and below you will some practical tips and things that are good to remember.

How do I find my new home?
In Denmark we are accustomed to a very transparent housing market through the extensive use of the Web - many residential gateways make it easy to get an overview. However, in most countries it is not that easy. And this is one reason that RobinHus has established a section for foreign properties. Here you can find properties in Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria and Thailand – more countries will be added later on.

What advice do I need?
In Southern Europe a notary is traditionally used in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate. The notary oversees the rectification of the trade meaning that the buyer gets the deed to the property and the seller gets the agreed payment, and a trade might be carried out by the buyer and the seller simply calling at the notary together. As a foreign buyer away from home, it is advisable to have your own purchasing consultant. It may be a local broker or a lawyer - it depends on the circumstances what is most advantageous. In many places Danes have established themselves and act as both real estate agents and lawyers, and that is of course a great advantage in terms of language. Unlike in Denmark, the estate agent title does not mean that there is a statutory liability, so using a lawyer gives you an extra safety.

There are of course also tax considerations, so make sure you discuss the matter with an accountant in Denmark before the purchase.

Financing and acquisition costs
It is important to consider financing before you act. In Spain and France, there are a few Danish banks which provide loans secured by local real estate, and the local banks may also be worth consulting.

It is also important to be aware of the costs of purchase, i.e. costs beyond the purchase price. In several countries - Spain. for instance - you have to pay VAT on top of the purchase price.
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Important! Legal information: RobinHus International is an open advertising platform for properties geographically located outside Denmark. RobinHus International can be used by both private sellers and professional agents. Properties advertised on this platform are not in commission with neither RobinHus A/S nor the RobinHus estate agents, as RobinHus only provides advertising services. All contact regarding said properties must be directed to the advertiser, and information regarding the properties is supplied by the advertisers themselves and is therefore not checked or guaranteed by RobinHus.
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