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How to sell your property abroad
Find a buyer on and avoid the brokers fee
Thousands of Danes have bought a holiday home or a permanent residence abroad, and when these homes are to be sold, the owner often has no choice but to find a local realtor. It is usually expensive and always difficult to find the right real estate agent - and unfortunately it is not unusual that the local real estate agent do not use the internet particularly well, when it comes to advertising the home. It also often complicates things if the buyer lives in a completely different part of the world - eg. Russia.

This is why we have developed a solution for homeowners, who want to sell their homes abroad. The concept is simple and builds on the success we have had help homeowners sell their own property directly in Denmark. The goal is to make it easy to find a buyer who lives a little closer to Denmark - and therefore easier to negotiate with.

How do you sell your property abroad
The main challenge when you need to sell your home, is finding a buyer. So we have developed a marketplace here on, where you can advertise your property for sale.

A property listing on gives you a professional presentation of your home with both the factual information about the dwelling as well as large photos and a full description.

As a well-established estate agency chain, we have over 10,000 daily visitors on our website and we also ensure that your property is visible in search engines like Google and Bing.

The concept is simple: The buyers will contact you directly via email or phone to learn more about the property and to arrange a viewing of the house or apartment.

Once you have found an interested buyer, you contacts a local lawyer or estate agent, who - for a fairly modest fee – assumes responsibility for completing the transaction.

Who takes responsibility for trade?
RobinHus only provides a marketplace and thus assumes no responsibility for the transaction for neither buyer nor seller. Therefore we always recommend that you use a reputable local advisor who has professional indemnity insurance.

How do I start
If you have the necessary materials at hand (photos and description), you can pay by card and have your listing published immediately. If you need to find the relevant information, you can create a trial-version, where you can gradually complete presentation of the property until you are ready to go "live".
Selling your property?
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Important! Legal information: RobinHus International is an open advertising platform for properties geographically located outside Denmark. RobinHus International can be used by both private sellers and professional agents. Properties advertised on this platform are not in commission with neither RobinHus A/S nor the RobinHus estate agents, as RobinHus only provides advertising services. All contact regarding said properties must be directed to the advertiser, and information regarding the properties is supplied by the advertisers themselves and is therefore not checked or guaranteed by RobinHus.
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