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Property in Spain

If you are considering buying or selling property in Spain - be it a seaside apartment or a mountain villa - you have come to the right place.
Thousands dream of buying property in Spain. Following the crisis in the European property market, the prices in Spain are now as attractive as the climate. Try our property search below, and browse the exciting possibilities. If you are selling property in Spain, create a property listing here - it can also be used to optimise the exposure of your property if you use a local real estate agent.
The most beautiful island in the Mediterranean
The most beautiful island in the Mediterranean
Dansk Talende Ejendomsmægler i Barcelona siden 2004
Dansk Talende Ejendomsmægler i Barcelona siden 2004
Casamona Real Estate
Casamona Real Estate
Syv kontorer, dansk personale, advokater & finansiering.
Syv kontorer, dansk personale, advokater & finansiering. - Danmarks største ejendomsmægler i Spanien! - Danmarks største ejendomsmægler i Spanien!

Facts about Spain

  • Capital: Madrid
  • Language: Spanish (Castilian), Catalan
  • Currency: Euro
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy, democracy
  • Population: 40.3 mio.
  • Timezone: CET
Popular vacation areas:
Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Mallorca

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Spain – Europe´s favourite holiday destination

Next to France, Spain is the world´s most visited tourist destination. Particularly visitors from Northern Europe faithfully, year after year, visit Spain seeking the fine weather and the beautiful beaches. But Spain´s popularity may also be ascribed to the wide range of cultural and historical highlights that Spain´s many regions offer.

Mallorca is a beautiful island and the right place to seek if you are on the lookout for an exclusive dwelling in Spain.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol is still the favourite destination for the sun-hungry populations of Northern Europe. Much has been done to clear out in the buildings along the wonderful beaches of Costa del Sol, so now the coastline presents itself in a much more open and modern way.

Costa Blanca
320 sunny days a year, wide sandy beaches and a marvellous blend of nature and vibrant towns and cities makes Costa del Sol on the Spanish south-east coast one of Europe´s most attractive coastal stretches.

Since Spain joined the EU the country has undergone startling changes, and the Spanish housing market is one of Europe´s most dynamic ones, as more and more Europeans have bought all-year or holiday dwellings in Spain. Therefore, Mallorca is very far from the childhood of packaged tourism and is now one of the most exclusive regions in Spain. Costa del Sol has undergone massive restorations and is still the most popular area for Northern Europeans.

At Costa Blanca development started a bit later than at, say, Costa del Sol and Mallorca – the positive by-effect is that the general price level is lower.

Attractive price level The financial crisis has resulted in a significant levelling out of house prices in Spain. This means that there are now more potential buyers – the market is stable, and foreign buyers look towards Southern Europe again. Therefore, it is now possible to find good holiday flats in Spain in the 1 to 1.5 million (DKK) range.
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