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Property in Sweden

If you are dreaming of buying a summer cottage in Sweden or considering buying an apartment or a villa in Scania, you are in the right place..
We can help you find the right property in Sweden - perhaps an "ödegård" in Scania, a summer cottage in Småland or maybe an apartment in Malmö. If you already own a property in Sweden and you think of selling it, you can create a property listing and find a buyer among the 300,000 monthly visitors to RobinHus.

Facts about Sweden

  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Language: Swedish
  • Currency: Kronor
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy, democracy
  • Population: 9.3 mio.
  • Timezone: CET
Popular vacation areas:
Stockholm, Skåne (= Scania)

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Important! Legal information: RobinHus International is an open advertising platform for properties geographically located outside Denmark. RobinHus International can be used by both private sellers and professional agents. Properties advertised on this platform are not in commission with neither RobinHus A/S nor the RobinHus estate agents, as RobinHus only provides advertising services. All contact regarding said properties must be directed to the advertiser, and information regarding the properties is supplied by the advertisers themselves and is therefore not checked or guaranteed by RobinHus.
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